Dead rising blow Mohajeri virulence kefraya to 112 people


Killed about 110 people, mostly residents of the following kefraya virulence system, in a suicide bomb attack against a bus stop west of Aleppo were traveling away from their villages which suffered the bitterness of blockade two years ago.

The blast occurred after the evacuation included seven thousand people from four towns in Syria, is the virulence and kefraya in Idlib governorate (North West) afraid that the walsbdani near Damascus, under an agreement between the Syrian Government and opposition factions.

And the Syrian Observatory for human rights said Sunday morning killing ‘ 98 112 people, including residents of the towns of virulence and kefraya in the suicide truck bomb that targeted 75 bus parked in the adult area controlled by opposing factions, West of Aleppo and awaiting completion of their way into town.

The Observatory was announced Saturday, killing 43 people.

And also among the dead, according to the Observatory, relief officials and opposition fighters were abreast of the convoy.

The death toll remains a candidate to rise as a result of the presence of “hundreds of wounded,” Abdul Rahman which noted that large toll due to food truck explosion near a gas station in place.

In the wake of the bombing, remains still scattered in the target location, including pieces belong to children.

And behind the devastating bus bombing and deep hole completely and military vehicles burnt to opposing factions. There was nothing left of the truck, believed that exploded, only engine.

Hours after the bombing, and awaited more than 35 hours as a result of disagreement between the parties to the agreement, virulence and buses resumed kefraya her way up at night to the city controlled by the regime’s army.

As walsbdani mdaia convoy after a hiatus of more than 15 hours in Al ramouseh area under the control of the security forces near Aleppo, Idlib governorate, the stronghold of opposition factions.