How do “dark secret” status of “YouTube”


Many news reports revealed many secrets enjoy watching videos of famous site YouTube’s “Google” America, doesn’t know much about anything.

He said the site “business Insider” browsers “chrome” (version 57 above) there is a secret mode called “dark mode” or “Dark Mode”.

This situation provides additional features for users of YouTube; either at home, or custom pages for your channels.

The new mode offers the possibility to hide all links and videos associated with the video, you see, and make a dark screen or video clip that works; to provide see more fun and focused.

As to the secret mode b “YouTube” offers the possibility to hide all your activities on YouTube, not to appear to any other user, or even put them on the list of proposed sections for you.

How you doing:

-Click on the chrome developers tools icon.

For the Windows operating system user can click on buttons CTRL (Ctrl) + shift (Shift) + I character.

As for Mac users can press buttons option (Option) + c or d (Cmd) + I character.

-Click the console icon.

-Once logged in to the console, paste the following text: document.cookie = “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE”
-Then click on the enter (Enter).

-Close the Developer tab, update your “chrome” page, once you open the YouTube you’ll find different.

-But if you find it is still white, click on the main menu at the top left of the screen, and look for the section “dark mode”.

-Select the icon “dark mode”, YouTube will start automatically killing all the lights around the video you are watching it.