Customs thwarts smuggling halet Ammar 121 thousand bead «both»

Enable custom halet Ammar on the Northwestern border of the Kingdom of frustration trying to smuggle a quantity of pills «both» reached 121 thousand and 226 bead, found hidden in three vehicles provided to the Kingdom through the port.
The Director General explained to halet Ammar Al-Khalid Al-rumaih, he submitted to the Customs vehicle type tutor during the Customs controller of customs procedures have found 60 a pill «both» were hidden in the vehicle cavity where the full amount was distributed inside a plastic bag and then it was hidden in this bunker.
He noted that in the same way as the previous smuggling, try another passenger travelling in a vehicle of a private type alpha and 237 51 smuggling grain, but his attempt was foiled.
And on the third smuggling attempt aborted Al-rumaih, said that he found nine thousand and 989 bead «both», hidden in a passenger’s bag, hide the quantity down clothes that were in his bag.Source: Alhayat