Custodian of shepherding the opening ceremony of the exhibition “Naif”


King Abdulaziz University hosts in Jeddah next Sunday 18 Shaban 1438 e exhibition and Symposium “Naif”, under the patronage of the custodian Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

King Abdulaziz University Director Dr Abdul Rahman bin alyoubi, the exhibition which is held for the first time is perpetuating the memory of his Royal Highness Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz Allah’s mercy, and reviews the leading role and achievements made towards his religion and his nation and his nation, and to establish these activities come within the initiatives of Prince Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Chair of moral values and the recognition credited to Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, owner of the first idea in founding a Chair in 1432.

He added that the exhibition “Naif” is a reminder of the unique qualities of compatriots printed character Prince Nayef Allah have mercy, his love of country and devotion to his face crises and challenges with high sense of responsibility and define the world efforts in tackling extremist groups and terrorist operations and fighting aberrant not advanced security procedures, but intellectual and dealing strategy drying extremism.

He noted that the exhibition will include seminars, lectures and video presentations provide a comprehensive picture of Prince Nayef valuing in this regard the patronage of the custodian of the exhibition which come stressing the importance of its content and its review of the biography of a man of rare, serious moral value and impact in all aspects of State and through all positions held.

According to Dr Jubilee “that Prince Nayef personality constitutes a symbol of his national and social and intellectual depth and information security, which contributed with his brothers of the King’s sons founder in establishing what we are security and stability and global presence and highlighting his achievements to recall the values that founded this country.

The Rector gave thanks and appreciation to his Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister, his Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdul Aziz, and all the sons and grandsons of his Royal Highness Prince Naif Ibn Abdul Aziz-Allah have mercy on them and their interest and support for the idea of the show and his stay in rehab “founder”.