Crown “Osama bin Laden seeks revenge for his father.


Former FBI agent said one of the investigators on al-Qa’ida on suphan, Hamza bin Laden, son of Al Qaeda leader who was killed by American forces in Pakistan, ready to lead a terrorist network to avenge his father.

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And former FBI agent said he read the letters written by Hamza to father six years ago, stating that Hamza features “motivation” and was ready for revenge on the United States.

In this regard, an expert of international terrorism and Counterterrorism program at the Institute of national security in the United States, Yoram shvaitsr of “Sputnik”, about the possibility of resurrecting Al Qaeda again.

Shvaitsr believed that Hamza is the most important character in the bin Laden family for the rule, and it’s a symbolic character, norm need only to someone who meets him to face organize “ISIS”.

The expert pointed out that bin Laden’s son is acting as the leader of the group, if the Organization’s spiritual leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, Hamza could become a military commander and his interface.

Shvaitsr believes that Osama bin Laden was Rabbi Hamza hoping that takes days in regulation, after he killed his other son Saad, Hamza is the most suitable candidate among the rest of his brothers for this post.

He concluded by saying that we will see in the coming years more and more terrorist attacks, carried out by individuals or terrorist groups, and that this is almost inevitable.