Crisis in Lebanon after the May 15


He could not “Allah” party delegation led by Deputy Secretary General Naim Qassem, who visited President Michel Aoun last week to reach a common denominator on parliamentary electoral law because of refusal “fpm” and “LF” put Lebanon one constituency with relativity posed by Hizb Allah “, while the President demanded” fpm “Gibran bassil: relative should be related to rehabilitation and renegotiate the Taif Agreement Senate is a synonym for Parliament representation.

The impasse prompted the President to use for the first time since 1929 article 59 of the Constitution suspended the work of Parliament for one month, until 15 May.

It seems that the main node for parties is the idea of rehabilitation is for candidates or three, meaning qualification by rolling to a competent judicial level sectarian candidate before you engage in competition on the relative level based on the County, and he had raised strong opposition from various forces, especially from civil society because it leads to more denominational.

Intensive political dialogues continue even in holidays lfkevkh contract before the date of the next parliamentary session on May 15 to agree on a new electoral law and prevent the extension for the third time to the current Board.

In this framework, says a member of the Secretariat of the March 14 forces for Riyadh: the ghost rollover still Lookout, technical extension until mid-2018 or rollover indirectly through sixty law adopted since 1972, and therefore the same political composition and reproduce the same political options or go to a parliamentary vacuum at the June 20 expiration date of the mandate of the current Parliament, becomes the sole choice country founding Conference “Allah party touted” quite short.

Political information circulating indicates that there is a scenario drawn up after May 15, with the likelihood of adoption rehabilitation law in two stages but the Christian representation problem will not be solved because they’re not getting the best cases more than 32 deputies voted. To: everyone in Lebanon wanting measureless on electoral law, detail and political problem being discussed technical templates won’t work, and the fact that somebody wants, the largest Christian parliamentary block formation to manipulate the next presidential elections from a saying there have been strong recently that the President is who owns the largest parliamentary bloc in the Parliament. The circles indicate refused to disclose her identity to such abuse damages the effectiveness of the Covenant which seemed popular momentum, stressing the need to control the ongoing confusion between “fpm” and “party of Allah”, so that’s what I call a “strategic alliance” does not seem entirely true internal files including parliamentary electoral law. “