Creation of 7 specialized centres in military hospitals


Lift the first autism Forum held Al Hada hospital to Taif armed forces thanks to his Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown me the second Deputy Premier, Minister of Defense for his care of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman to unite the Medical Services Department of the armed forces and establishing 7 specialized centres for autism spectrum disorder to military hospitals in both Ta’if and Riyadh and Dhahran, Jeddah and yenbo and Batin and Tabuk.

The social centre concluded Al Hada hospital for armed forces first autism event, which was attended by Director of Taif hospitals General Hamid bin Ali Al Ghamdi, number of managers of military hospitals in the region.

Director of Department of Taif armed forces hospitals General doctor Hamid bin Ali Al Ghamdi see armed forces medical services in leadership and excellence and develop health services in military hospitals, in line with the need for national-level community, noting that autism spectrum disorder a developmental behavioral health problems that need attention and develop services and emphasized the eagerness of the Forum to ask specialized worksheets intended for professionals and families at the same time, he thanked the forum administrators and lecturers for their success.

And in turn thanked Colonel Fawaz bin Otaibi boys head doctor Forum Conference committees, scientific committees, and those involved in its implementation, represented in the armed forces Center for psychiatric care, Prince Mohamed Bin Salman to unite the Medical Services Department of the armed forces, and to follow the Director General of the General Department of medical services, major general Solomon owner, noting that armed forces Centre for psychosocial care in Taif has had a head start in this program, and he took the initiative and interest of the subject of autism, and The Conference discussed many topics in this framework and how to apply them, as well as the Forum focused on the role of autism centres operating under the umbrella of the health institutions, and its difference from centres operating under the umbrellas of educational institutions.

At the psychiatric specialist Ahmed Mohamed al-Nashiri to themes of the Forum included medical and psychological pivot axis prisoners, qualifying, where axis turning to workshops held at the Forum, which addressed the importance of behavioral therapy and family interactions skills with their children with the disorder.


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Taif-126762 scientific events rich in first autism Forum Al Hada hospital

Taif-126763 turnout for programs and lectures that addressed different axes