Court decides to extend in Stacie cleric to May 21


A court decided Sunday to extend the ruling in the case involving three people, including a prominent Shiite cleric in the country any Allah Issa Ahmed Qassem, a session May 21. According to the website of the Bahraini newspaper Al-Wasat Criminal Court has issued its fourth day, amid tight security. this postponement is the second, after the Court had decided in March last year the extension of the judgment in the case to the 7th of May. “charges the accused faces raising funds Without a license and washed their transactions to conceal and legitimize them. “the Interior Ministry dropped nationality and accused of” establishing a political reference to religious organizations, played a key role in creating an environment of extremist, sectarian division of society depending on the sect and also depending on the dependency of his orders. “it should be noted that the Shiite spiritual leader is the denominator in Bahrain and was Vice President of the Bahrain Center for human rights,” Mr Yusuf “, resident in exile, told the German news agency that” the Sheikh’s trial. Stacie Shiite spiritual leader, after dropping his nationality arbitrarily. Reveals the size of sectarian persecution practised, it reveals the political persecution against the opposition and eliminate democratic national demands. “