Coup leaders killed in the “MIDI”


Dozens of militiamen were killed in coup MIDI front Northwest of the argument, including six field leaders; the impact of the implementation of the Arab coalition air raids several armed groups on Wednesday.

A military source said: the Arab coalition forces have carried out several raids on militia reinforcements coup and armed groupings, fell upon their impact dozens dead including six field leaders of Sa’dah.

He added: the dead are Rashid Hussein Yahia Younis Ahmed Rashid, guest, majdoddin Ismail Mansour Ali Khater, Abdulla Nasser Ali Hadi Rashid, Kamal Saleh Jaber Al Qassimi denominator and adored the brilliant concert.

He received the county hospitals tens of dead and wounded from the putschists, amid progress to revoke the national army retreated to the putschists in the MIDI.

The totals of Saada militia MIDI front leadership has received the coup three months ago, turns to totals of governorate and family Guard loyal to deposed to work under the guidance of leaders in Saada.