Continuing violations in areas of appeasement. And new displacement projects


Forces took the Syrian regime, yesterday, on the alzlakiat village north of Hama amid heavy shelling though
Russia brokered agreement foreign regime’s main backer, to reduce violence. Renewed fighting between
Opposition groups and system on the station East of the capital district fronts Damascus and daraa city and Eastern ghouta
Southern Syria.
And violence erupted in rural northern protectors for more than a month since launching an offensive against opposition fighters
The regime turned against them quickly, turning now to apply to the army in the area dominated by fighters
The opposition last year.
According to the agreement went into effect midnight Friday, was supposed to back off the fight over
Six months in four «stress relief areas», where fighting between the army and the most intense opposition fighters.
Russia and Iran signed the lion allies and Turkey supporting armed opposition groups to agree in
Ceasefire talks in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan.
He said the Syrian Observatory for human rights, also house fighting in the district station in Damascus.
Said «Spartans», that is the worst clashes in the neighborhood, where the parties used
Medium and light weapons, amid heavy bombing of the system on site engagement, within the neighborhood. And managed
During the clashes, opposition forces destroy wagon «system» Caicos one neighborhood, targeted effect, without
Reports of losses in the ranks of the system.
Prevailed station located in
However, the Syrian Observatory for human rights, said yesterday evening, quieter
The Eastern of the capital, Damascus, with the start of negotiations through tribal elders and notables of the station area with the forces of order.
And suggested that preliminary information received by the Observatory, negotiations should be similarity in the outskirts of the capital and its suburbs,
As civil sources expressed fears that the process is done this way, as in Daria wemadamih
Sham and Damascus West, Saint, and important suburb, wesrghaia and Wadi barada afraid walsbdani
In Damascus the Northwest, Hill area.
As well as reliable sources for the Syrian Observatory for human rights that negotiations between district
Barzah (llkabon East parties aligned to the capital) and the authorities of the order, and reached agreement with exit
Wishes from barzeh and imposing «reconciliation and regularization» will be left in the neighborhood, hadn’t yet been any
Movements or formal preparations or set a date for the implementation of the agreement. Reliable sources confirmed to the Observatory, he would
Displace hundreds of fighters with hundreds of family members and other civilians willing to exit the barzeh district
Toward the province of Idlib, control zones «Euphrates shield» author of platoons and Islamic
And Turkish forces in the countryside northeast of Aleppo, where she forces succeeded in 3 of
From trapped alive.
April (April), progress and control the street keeper, too.
Barzeh after isolation from the rest of the eastern neighborhoods of the capital, accompanied by violent clashes then bombarded with
Intense and violent forces.
As well as his lion forces targeted the Eastern ghouta harasta heavy guns in breach of «relieve stress»,
An area covered by the agreement. In the countryside southwest of Damascus, explosive drums system fans on his
Pete Gunn, causing several civilian martyr.
The Commission also reported news of a landmine left over from Hizb Allah» in the town of Zabadani, causing
One of the injured civilians injured.
Reporter said that Assad forces liberated country shield neighborhoods targeted by artillery shells, in breach
Hardcore for stress relief «agreement».
In Dara, said officials and residents, for «Syria News Office», they have lost confidence in the role of a deal «areas of ease
Tension» in achieving a real truce, “given the continued regular troops bombed areas controlled by
The official opposition in the Syrian Civil Defense exhibition organization Mohamed Abu Hilal, the truce fell after
Hours of launching, after pounding artillery and rocket system neighborhoods controlled by the opposition in the
Shield country in daraa city, eastern suburbs town West ghariya, considering that Iran and Russia are two guarantor
The truce, but are the Syrian regime murder by killing people.
The opposition ruled out media activist Ismail pacifism that Russia and Iran and Turkey to ensure «relieve
Tension», predicting that the system continues to accuse factions of violating a truce amid the absence of international monitoring of the Syrian territory,
Enhances presence in areas where the opposition, most notably mansheya neighborhood, as he did in previous truce
The past three years.
Activists had believed before yesterday (Saturday), 9 breaches by Assad’s forces in the shield and its countryside, varied between
Shelling and attempts to break into the liberated areas, the shelling four martyrs.
Civilians, and injured two children in the rural town of West ghariya East.
And began implementing a plan to calm, two days after the signing of Russia and Iran, longtime Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, Turkey
Which supports the opposition, agreed to set up four zones «to ease escalating» in Syria.
Assad’s regime, said he supports the proposal but added that he would continue to fight against the terrorist groups described in
Over the country. President Bashar Al-Assad said earlier that all the opposition groups fighting against terrorism.
Opposition groups rejected the deal, said that the establishment of special zones threatens to divide the country, and that any role for Iran
Unacceptable, and that Russia could not carry the lion to respect previous agreements for a ceasefire.
The agreement came into effect midnight Friday, but the note actually will not enter into force until 4
June (June) when you finish the guarantor States four zoning, for six months, renewable.