Continuing insurgency in Ivory Coast cities


Said one cocoa exporters in San Pedro: “rebels everywhere, and there is heavy firing. Everybody’s closing stores and go home. “

Bruno said being a Government spokesman: “the authorities will not tolerate insubordination.”

The army commander said Sunday, that forces its way into Bouake “to restore order,” he ordered the withdrawal of most troops in the long queue, which indicates that the Government is waging a military operation.

Sporadic gunfire reported Sunday night in Bouake and in military camps in Abidjan, and intense gunfire in the two cities before dawn.

Adama Touré said President of the National Federation of transport: rebel soldiers “closed the main border crossing with Burkina Faso”… “it looked today already.

Insurgency reveals deep divisions in a country that has suffered from political turmoil ten years civil war in 2011 to become later one of the fastest growing economies in the world under the Presidency Alassane Ouattara.

The Government promised to pay bonuses for soldiers after a rebellion in January, but has not paid in full as a result of the collapse of the cocoa export commodity price in the country, and the effects of that wave of rebellion revealed the lack of unity in the ranks of the army of former rebels fighters features.

Meanwhile, rebel spokesman denied any fighting in Bouake, said: “the soldiers firing into the air to prevent any progress towards the city.

The rebels won and eight thousand and four hundred people on 5 million CFA francs (equivalent to $8371) for each soldier debar rebelled last January, and promised to get more bonuses.

A spokesman for the rebel group last Thursday, after several meetings with the authorities in Abidjan: “Shirley Schmidt for claim the remaining amount, but the decision was rejected by some soldiers.

An eyewitness said from Abidjan: “rebel soldiers were discharged from the largest army camp in the country and erected barricades and cut off traffic along a major road in the East of the country.”