The connector. Edit three areas of ISIS’s fist


An Iraqi field commander, said Friday that federal police retook three villages and killed 31 of ISIS in Northwest regions edits Mosul, which began Thursday in the left coast of the city.

A leading group said Shaker Jawdat, the Federal Police Commander in Iraq, in a press statement that «pieces of federal police in Northwest Mosul axis freed five square kilometers and regained control of the three villages, and killed 23 terrorists, surrounding the old age area, get within four kilometers of the fifth bridge areas».

«The other pieces in the axis of Southwest old town called targeted travel and security headquarters in the alzengili area, killing a leading ISIS».

Experiencing different parts of Iraq in Mosul, Anbar, Salahuddin and Kirkuk sporadic military operations to target concentrations of ISIS, planning elements that endanger the security and military forces and civilians, where the international coalition and Iraqi aircraft waged air raids in these areas and near the Iraqi-Syrian border to close the ports of the flow of insurgents from Syria.

According to military sources, the presence of large numbers of civilians and many vehicles and bomb buildings stand quickly resolve the battle in reviving the old connector.

So, the Iraqi Government denied, played down the presence of us forces to keep discussions in the country, after eliminating Al ISIS, confirming the lack of any combat troops in the country.

Information service said in a statement to the Iraqi Government, today «international news agencies deliberated and recent local news that Iraq had agreed with the United States on American troops remain in Iraq for the period after the military victory at ISIS, we affirm that no combat troops of any country on Iraqi soil until you look at whether survival but instructors, advisors, and experts from a number of States.

He explained that the Iraqi Government did not agree with any country regarding its military role with Iraq to post the decisive victory against terrorism».

The statement stressed that “the victory achieved by pure Iraqi hands and tournaments and sacrifices of the Iraqis and the Iraqi Government has plans and strategies to develop the capacity of our security forces through training and weaponry to raise the readiness for the challenges ahead and is open to all international experiences and meet Iraq’s ambition to build a military institution and security organs have full readiness to face any future security challenges for foreign or internal compliance with the requirements of Iraqi national sovereignty».