Confiscated 39 tons of recycled sponge and 18 machine polyclinic


The Commerce Ministry revealed yesterday about confiscated 39 tons sponge user, and 18 machine used in re sponge in Qatif Prefecture, Ministry in cooperation with the security services of the offending factory, what is an achievement serves commercial fraud suffered by citizens.

The details refer to the administrators call the factory owner and the violators to complete statutory procedures in such cases, praised businessmen investors in furniture inspections carried out by the Ministry to curb commercial fraud, inter alia for Riyadh victims of commercial fraud that they suffered huge sums by buying furniture (CCNP) and cheat them by child labor claims she works at a furniture companies and institutions in Qatif and Dammam, were granted a warranty of five years, however, the error of the buyer as of purchase Workers on the road, and the goods were brought to him. According to other buyers that sponge as soon it seems not good after about three months of use, since they appear quickly, to downs.