Concluding exercise joint Saudi-Jordanian Abdullah «5»


Oman announced today the conclusion of the joint Saudi-Jordanian exercise events Abdullah 5 “implemented by the armed forces of Jordan and Saudi armed forces Commander marine security units Saudi major general Saleh Abu duraihem, Director of joint training at the General command of the armed forces Brigadier General Khalid enumerated. Synchronous training aims, which lasted for three weeks, to promote collaboration and exchange of experiences between the armed forces of Jordan and the Saudi armed forces, and strengthen ties between the two countries and to develop the capacity of participants to rapidly respond to terrorist acts and acts of conventional and non-conventional special operations.

The exercise included live firing from all weapons used in special operations and combat search and rescue operations in the battlefield, mine clearance and disposal of suspicious packages, fighting in built up areas and freeing hostages, air transportation and landing with the rope from helicopters in addition to the sniper shooting and combat snipers, where participants demonstrated high skill in the practice in carrying out the functions of the different stages of rehearsing and accuracy in hitting the targets and coordinate joint operations.

Closing ceremony practice military attache at the Embassy of the Kingdom of Jordan Brigadier General Khalid Al-rubaian, the Commander of the exercise of Saudi side marine Sean corner Abdullah submitted serhani, a number of Jordanian armed forces officers.