The completion of the longest minaret in the world


ended today , the establishment of the minaret of the Algiers Mosque Great, which Algeria plans to be the third largest mosque in the world ‘s work, so pouring Minister of Housing and Urban and city Abdelmaguid Taboun, another amount of concrete, to complete the works of the minaret which is the highest around the world.

According to (CNN in Arabic) attended the occasion and to the capital , Abdul Qadir Zhuk, the Chinese ambassador in Algeria Yang Guang Yu, because the Chinese construction of public institutions are ensured the construction process. Reaches the height of the minaret, according to APS, to 250 meters, while previously the local media reported that the minaret that reaches a height of 265 meters.

The Minister of Housing said the completion of the completion of the minaret , ” the pride of Algeria and its partner strategy of China, and discredit both have questioned the ability of Algeria to build this religious edifice and fired malicious rumors concerning the non – conformity of achievement and technical standards”, speaking about the process of construction going on a good pace.

Taboun, pointed out that it is expected to be open prayer hall in front of the congregation month of December next, while the end of all works combined 2018. facilities

project aims to complete the prayer hall nine to 120 thousand worshipers, also includes an external library yard culturally and another to teach the Koran and the center , increasing the spaces for trade, restaurants, parks, and put Algeria planned to build a cultural center next to a huge mosque featuring nine conference room for 1,500 participants and cinema halls and a library.

Construction of the mosque from some of the obstacles the project has suffered, including the withdrawal of the Office of studies German had been entrusted with the completion of the mosque, has been justified by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Algerian city abandoned office services and compensate Chinese company as “stalling entrusted to the task,” while carrying Office is responsible for the slow the completion of the works to the Algerian authorities.