Communicating with just a thought. Facebook’s goal to achieve


New ongoing company # Facebook unveiled secret unit led by former Chief of the Pentagon’s research arm (# Pentagon) and revealed the company study techniques may allow users to communicate with just a thought.
Facebook launched the research facility called it (building 8) last year for long term research may lead to new technical products. And terrace unit Regina Dugan, who led a similar unit Inc # Google spearheaded the defense research projects Agency, the Pentagon’s advanced.
Duggan said in front of the eighth annual Conference of software developers for Facebook company company that designed the new unit to be modeled after the defense research projects Agency, a Government Agency founded in the 1950s and presented to the world the Internet and GPS receivers (.) used in consumer devices.
Duggan said in a speech that the company has years before it can produce any technologies. If successful this would have provided a means to diversify instead of heavy reliance on income from advertising.
Duggan noted that the unit is currently trying to improve technology, allowing users to type words using the mind.
“It sounds impossible but it’s closer than you may realize.
She added that people can already write eight words per minute using brain implants. The goal of Facebook in collaboration with researchers at several us universities is to speed up the system to allow typing 100 words a minute with just a thought.