My committees Taif relay sites affected by Seoul secret Valley rain


The Municipal Council committees began work on Wednesday as Taif Emergency Committee to follow the sites affected by the torrential rains in the secret Valley South of Taif, according to guide the Council President Ben satai reward bahudhailah, Amin Mohamed Bin engineer Taif will bend the will turn and the employees of the Secretariat, and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Council of Majid bin Falah alnefaie, members of the Council.

And the Second Committee stood from Services Committee Chairman and head of media and public relations Committee and member of the project Committee and representatives of the circle with people of Calabar and taking comprehensive tour and listen to their demands and needs required by the neighborhood services, and prepare the necessary reports and recommendations of commissions and heaving.

Bahudhailah Council President to follow up on reports and recommendations by the Council Committee while ensuring services to citizens, as well as commissions on their performance given speed in all honesty and sincerity, asking God Almighty to business success.

On the other hand, is launching on Wednesday electricity shksan Center South of Taif and lighting power column 85, with the concerted efforts of the Municipal Council, and Chief shksan Mashal Al-Maliki, and the Secretariat of Taif, the electricity company.

This is the product of the work of the committees that seek to secure services and convenience to citizens and visitors, upon the wise guidance of our governance-save Allah-shksan Center residents and promising to provide more services, all districts of Taif and villages abandoned, adding that Taif City Council open to receiving proposals and opinions and ideas which develop city of Taif rose.