College of dentistry Qassim desensitize people versed Rasheed


Dental Faculty participated in the campaign of Qassim University in rational abanat Center Quant, come share the Dental Faculty in continuation of previous campaigns carried out by College volunteer program dental convoys.

Through the programme offers many therapeutic and preventive health services and awareness of different disciplines in all medical facilities and qualified human resources to provide therapeutic services for residents and visitors to the campaign, and on the morning and evening, program management also organizes daily visits to the Centre and around schools to educate students about oral health.

Dr Mohamed said 104020 Superintendent convoy convoy program is an extension of sixteen convoy in five years under continuous efforts and constant development of therapeutic services provided, and accumulated experience led to this satisfactory outcome for reviewers and regulators, have endeavoured in every convoy to apply all global health standards and added 104020 volunteer reside dental convoys Quant Rasheed for the second time where you provide and equip eight medical staff specialized clinics, and every time we achieve the desired objectives through the provision of medical treatment. Various disciplines teeth and educate people to oral health, and develop a spirit of volunteerism among dental students who participate in organization and staff of medical doctors and faculty members assigned to them providing the service.

The programme referred interacted saw convoys of people to benefit from the services provided to reviewers.