Civil Defense: Firebug highlights accidents in the hotel accommodation sector


Travel and tourism investment forum discussed x in place of the fourth day, which takes place currently in Riyadh international exhibition for conferences and exhibitions, highlighting the challenges in shelter industry in Saudi Arabia, along with the role of public and private bodies in support of the industry, as the most prominent pillars of tourism and travel industry.

And address information dialog manager Hattie big role played by the public authority for tourism and national heritage in promoting tourism during the past 10 years, its facilities and overcome the obstacles to the advancement of the tourism industry in General, and especially accommodation as prominent pillars of the industry.

On the role of the Commission in this matter occur Saad Al-Qahtani, Director of licensing management oversight Commission for tourism and national heritage, significant efforts carried out by the Commission since the transfer of power to sheltered facilities licenses; worked on setting up rules and regulations to regulate the sector, as well as cooperation with several relevant government agencies to facilitate the access of investors to the necessary licenses, and adopt regulations for tourist accommodation for both the operator and the inmate, and the development of criteria for the classification of tourist facilities depending on the universal code classification, organizing Partnership with the private sector, to contribute to the establishment of the Saudi Association for tourist accommodation facilities and is reflected in the end about double the number of accommodation of 220 thousand units to 460, 000 currently, track standards and ready for the competition, which contributed to raising the level of service and achieve the balance between supply and demand.

With regard to security and safety in accommodation and protect life Colonel Hadi bin Sarhan Al-qarni, Director of the Division of safety at the General Directorate of civil defense, some statistics on incidents of shelters during the last period, indicating they had reached 32% of total accidents that occurred during the last period, was to Makkah, Riyadh, the largest share of them, explaining that the main causes of the fires are electric seam, or burning cookstove.

Garni added that incidence of accidents for facilities licensed by the Directorate declined to less than 1.35%; evidence that application of safety requirements in accommodation facilities significantly contribute to reducing the incidence of accidents in enterprises. As showing the worst incidents involving some accommodation facilities, and was notably hotel fire brightening city apartment complex.

He addressed the role of the human element, the importance of conviction the benefits of fire protection systems, and applied properly, fill mainstream fire protection systems on all installations, contributes to the reverse portrayal of touristic accommodation facilities in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Saleh Habib, ceo, next to tourist accommodation operators and hotels, had talked about the challenges and difficulties faced by the investor in the extraction licenses, and dealing with more than 18 different governmental difficult task of investor, and prolong the investment, thereby reducing his profits. Noting the need to consolidate licensing and facilities donors, and the political will to promote the tourism industry in the shadow of the great possibilities enjoyed by Saudi Arabia; to convert it to a primary tributary streams of national income.