City: adjust the 1.5 tons of nuts from an unknown source.


Secretariat of supervisory teams seized Medina in cooperation with raids apartment and basement in jatt exploited by some employment to store nuts and games they sell them at mosques and gardens in their own cars without regular health requirements.

The Under Secretary for Municipal Affairs Subcommittee. Hamza Sabbieh it auto open, found approximately 500 kilograms of nuts and games during the RAID was observed closed door slot workers rejected the argument that the key is not with them. Instantly summons a band of civil defense to open the door when the door opened he found nearly 900 kilograms of nuts and various games stored in a bad way. Sabbieh stressed that light a joint record was prepared and cargo were seized and impounded in Awali municipal maintenance until safety by the Agency services (laboratories).

Debi Sabbieh was pulled 4 cars for maintenance of their neighbourhood municipal Saudi plates and two cars with plates for one Arabic States until the regular procedures, as six laborers were diverted to the exact unit to the system application.