Chocolate best food memory and older


reported a recent Italian study that eating # cocoa or one of its products and is # chocolate regularly, can improve cognitive performance and cognitive and strengthens # memory, especially in # Kabar_alsn.
The study conducted by researchers at the University of L’Aquila Italian, and published its findings Friday in the journal (Frontiers in Nutrition) Scientific.
The researchers explained that # chocolate is rich in compounds , “flavanols” (Flavanols) , a class of natural compounds known as its benefits to the nerves.
To find out cocoa and its products addressing the effects of long periods on cognitive performance, the researchers watched a group of people , most of them elderly.
It was generally investigated in the cocoa and its products in the duration of the effects of eating ranged from home 5 days to 3 months in the elderly.

The researchers found that of those who ate cocoa and chocolate, improve their cognitive performance daily, and appeared impact on factors such as attention and processing speed, and working memory, verbal fluency and to a large extent.
These benefits were more pronounced among the elderly who suffer from memory problems and cognitive dysfunction moderate, because chocolate increases the connecting blood to the brain size, which is essential for the prevention of # Omrad_damag associated with age and on her head # Alzheimer ‘s .
The results revealed that for women, the # eating chocolate after a night of total sleep deprivation hinders in fact cognitive impairment , which is reflected in the performance of tasks less accurately.

The researchers said that these results are promising for people who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation or # Nubat_alaml harsh.
The researchers said that eating chocolate regularly could actually return beneficial effects on cognitive performance over time, but there are potential side effects for it.
They added that chocolate is generally associated with increased # Sarat_ahararah, and some of the underlying chemical compounds in cocoa , such as caffeine and other additives such as sugar or milk. ” The
Panel noted that the solution lies in the use of dark chocolate containing less calories ratio, and at the same time rich compounds “flavanols” useful. ”
A previous study reported that eating chocolate may boost heart health because it contains a large amount of vehicles “flavanols”, which is believed to be anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and helps to relax blood vessels.