The Chinese delegation visiting Saudi Royal Guard


Received the Royal Guard, “Hamad Bin Mohamed Al ohali, in his Office in Riyadh, Director General of the Ministry of public security guard, General Chang Chi-wen,” and his entourage.

The two sides discussed many topics of common interest and ways to develop and share experiences and exchanged souvenirs. The reception was attended by a number of senior officers of the Royal Guard.

The Chinese delegation visited the Department of communications and information technology, and greeted by the Director of communications and information technology, Brigadier engineer Walid bin an outsider. “

He briefed the delegation on its communications and information technology management in the Royal Guard of basic infrastructure to the highest standards of modern technology, and what this administration of development in many areas, with regard to information and network security.

OC received security training Institute and the Royal Guard protection, General Mohamed Bin Fahd alhdean, “Royal Guard Training City balthmamh, Director General of the Ministry of public security guard and his entourage, aware of what belongs to the city of facilities and possibilities involved shooting ranges, classrooms, gym and field of skydiving and driving escape.

The delegation saw some apps daily students, Goya’s Royal Guard Security Aviation planes.

And prepared lunch on this occasion, at the end of the visit the commemorative photoshoot.