Why chilling sometimes wreaking havoc when you hear the music?


Who among us did not tune to the song or did shrugs his body to hear music track breathtaking and kernels?!
This is called as the site of “Ibelieveinscience” the name creepiness (Frisson), is a French term meaning (jerk aesthetic).
Studies have shown that nearly two-thirds of people feel this shiver.
What causes excitement that follow a jerk?
It seems that the music tracks containing homogeneous unexpected and sudden changes in pitch or mobile access to the soloist is one of the largest such stimuli shiver because it goes against the expectations of listeners in a positive way.
While the science is still trying to figure out why the excitement caused chills came first. Some scientists have suggested that these creeps are evolutionary retention of old ancestors who kept themselves warm by heat-absorbent layer positioned under their skin felt directly.
A sense of creepiness is the sudden change in temperature (such as exposure to cool breeze during a sunny day) making the notification, perched temporarily and then necrotic returning absorbent layer to normal level.
Decreased need for these heat-absorbent layer since it was invented clothes, but physiological structure is still intact and it is possible they might were altered to form this shiver in response to erotic stimuli of sensual emotions as Super beauty in nature or art.
Research on varied spread of creepiness and studies have shown that there are equivalent to 55 to 86 percent of people are able to feel it.
It seems that whenever a person mentally integrated with music as more likely to feel goose bumps as a result strongly focus his attention on the interesting factor. Some studies have shown results recently published in the journal (music psychology) that people who are integrating mentally in music (and focus on detail rather than just hearing) would feel the shiver more and more.

Keep certainly there is no doubt that the extent of mental integration of the person in a piece of music related to the pattern of character/personality first.

Sourse: alarabiya.net