Children of Juniperus suppress landmarks distortion on Government facilities


Initiated a number of children at Arar in cooperation with a number of employees in the Secretariat late Wednesday blur distortion and tampering on the walls of public property and facilities at the Al faisaliyah neighborhood Park West.

Official spokesman in northern border Abdulaziz Abdi Secretariat that the Secretariat of the Northern campaign blur and remove writing on Government facilities in cooperation with the North footprint team to volunteer and awareness to maintain the facilities, he participated in a number of children aspiring to be spending on this phenomenon caused by some hikers in parks and public spaces.

For his part called on Assistant Secretary Secretariat northern boundary m. Thursdays delash everyone to maintain public property, interact with such initiatives aimed to increase the national sense of Community responsibility in maintaining the property and gardens and associated components from tampering or misuse than there will be a message of awareness of society of the importance of preservation.