Why should I change toothbrushes regularly?


One might forget to change your toothbrush, and forget for months a lot of times, unheeding the seriousness of what he’s doing. The toothbrush is a fertile field for bacteria, viruses and fungi that lead to many diseases, doctors confirmed.
And about the risks of not changing the toothbrush constantly, Rona Alexander, dentist in Kensington and Chelsea and award winning best dentist in London for 2016, to use the brush and is full of bacteria and germs lead to many health risks, using a brush or touching other serious things brush health threats.
As I have explained that the mouth is filled with many microorganisms and some may move to brush your teeth when you use them, there are bacteria and germs in the bathroom, and proceed to brush teeth _ as a “medical information every day.”

So, putting toothbrushes next to each other leads to transmission of germs from the brush, what increases the risk of many diseases.
She pointed out that toothbrush wash water does not destroy all bacteria, so it’s best to change regularly.
In the same context, most doctors warn of using someone else’s brush, because it conveys to the user the many viruses that cause diseases of inflammation _ hepatitis and herpes disease