Change of generations. The Russian army gets fifth-generation submarines by the year 2025


The Deputy Commander of the Russian Navy said the team Russia will start Victor bursuc to manufacture nuclear and non-nuclear submarines of the fifth generation until the year 2025, according to new Government weapons program.

Bursuc said to reporters Saturday: “surely, starts manufacturing new armaments programme submarines.”

The Deputy Director of the consolidated company shipyard in Russia, Igor Ponomariov, engineers completed a draft preliminary design of non-nuclear submarine of the fifth generation, dubbed “Kalina”, and is currently coordinating action to develop the technical project of the submarine.

The submarine is expected to adopt “Kalina” on independent payment system on air for motors that differs from the submarine engines system currently used, that he didn’t need the oxygen supply from the outside and very low level of noise while working. Independent engine work is based on the air to turn chemical energy into electrical energy directly, without going through the stage of combustion.

In parallel, Russia develops an ambitious project to produce fifth generation atomic submarines named “beautiful puppies. Officials at standard shipbuilding company confirmed that work on the design form to be completed within the next two years.

Victor said doroviave, Director of the company “malakhit” shipbuilding in San Petersburg, “” beautiful puppies will bring, in terms of technical specifications, between multipurpose submarines and submarine.

Doroviave stressed that the key advantage of promising new generation atomic submarine “lies not in increasing the speed and depth of diving this ship and its load and size, but in other things like hidden possibility merged into cyber Defense Department common space, and their ability to interact with ships and planes in the system time, their participation in the war based on networks (Network-centric warfare)”.

Is set to replace the submarines “beautiful puppies” replaced “Jessen” submarines which are currently used in the Russian army. Beautiful puppies “will” beep “hyper missiles tsirkon.”

Doroviev said earlier that the serial production of fifth-generation submarines launched in 2020.

Source: agencies

Inna asalkhanova