Chamber arises. “. 7 recommendations for stimulating small and medium enterprises with the participation of 743 drawing


Concluded with the Chamber of Commerce, Yanbu, work and activities of the Forum of small and medium enterprises “catalysts for the future”, organized by the “room”, attracted 743 participants of entrepreneurs of both sexes.

The Forum recommended seven recommendations were pursued with the relevant authorities to enable SMEs to obtain local raw materials requirements (such as output of SABIC) through the application of government policies that enables them to get rough, with the support of Governor General Organization for small and medium enterprises, and communicate with the Royal Commission of science to create an industrial incubator in coordination with “room” and governmental entities; an extension of concrete efforts and groaned in that area, “room” initiative in cooperation with the business sector to create an incubator Technical work to provide services at competitive rates for young men and women work in establishing their facilities.
Among the recommendations call for a fund specializing in technical development of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs, and to request relevant government agencies give small and medium-sized enterprises in the less developed regions, promotional benefits (such as providing incentives for employment, financing and facilitating actions), and demand from government agencies by requiring companies that get Government bids to be for small and medium-sized enterprises 50% at least of eras, as well as provide an opportunity for small and medium enterprises for government contracts, and organized scientific awareness about The importance of entrepreneurship in the school curriculum and student activities; the close relationship between economic development and the quality and quantity of education; to promote the culture of free enterprise and creating innovative climate among small investors, in coordination with the Ministry of education.
The head of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Yanbu Murad laroui, Forum aims to raise awareness of the importance of small and medium enterprises; being a tool to deepen the spirit of initiative and enterprise in Saudi society, spreading the concept among Saudi investors, transforming the concept of being a secondary option to a necessity and a strategic choice to contribute to strengthening the capacities and potential of small and medium enterprise sector in the region to make him a distinct sector reliable investment.
He explained that the Forum-through scientific papers and meetings and events-seeks to achieve everything that would support and development of small and medium enterprise sector, contributes to providing good ground and strong motivation to the relevant stakeholders to support and activate this important sector, its main objective was to support and development of small and medium enterprises by identifying the most important supporters of this sector in the Kingdom, and the opportunity for investors and funds to adopt financing new investments in the province, and is a good experience for the Yanbu Industrial Chamber of Commerce. Mocked her board room all the potential and the right tools to make it successful.
He said Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Forum of small and medium enterprises Board member of Chamber of Commerce Yanbu Abdulaziz Faisal Haji, one of the most important goals of the Forum of small and medium enterprises, direct encounter between owners of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs of young men and women work and postgraduate students in establishing their own businesses, and between officials in relevant government sectors and competence of parentsAnd discuss various procedural aspects and financing that helps guide young businessmen to take advantage of opportunities and means that the projects and discuss the main obstacles facing small and medium enterprises (Government bureaucracy, funding, how to reach the market, Saudi), and identify the best economic sectors that can invest by small and medium enterprises, supporting and advancing in the direction of raising the contribution of small and medium enterprises in GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030, with the participation of everyone (individuals, State, institutions, and society), and highlighting the peculiarity of Yanbu as promising investment climate For small and medium enterprises, creative awareness and create an appropriate climate to encourage businesses to small investors and entrepreneurs.