Cel-health plan evacuation of an imaginary fire to maternity hospital


Where the Directorate-General of Health Affairs in jawf internal emergency plan maternity and children’s Hospital in the city of skaka, led by Director General of Health Affairs in jawf Dr Hassan Al-Shahrani and under the supervision of emergency management and emergency transport, and the first plan is carried out in the field with area hospitals for several years, aiming to train personnel in health facilities to cope with emergencies and fires in treating it as proactive steps to any internal emergency Allah forbid these directives in line with the Ministry of health initiative to raise the full readiness for emergencies and disasters In health facilities.

Hypothesis testing has been provided for the Fire Department of intensive care for children, resulting in evacuation of inpatient care and convert to alternative fire exit hospitals of control, and it was a good test results and outcomes involving several medical teams from hospitals and health centers.

And internal emergency committees activated for hospitals and emergency Central Committee of health disaster management operations room in maternity and children’s Hospital, and the command and control system according to the policies and procedures.

After the end of the plan held a meeting attended by hollow health Director all participants, emergency management officials and provided feedback and pros who touched during the execution of the plan and this plan patrol said field hospitals in the area, asking Allah to preserve and perpetuate the blessing of security and safety on our country.