‘Catastrophic’ humanitarian situation in Mosul: Iraq VP


Iraqi Vice-President Osama al-Nujaifi has warned the humanitarian situation in Mosul has become “catastrophic”, where the Iraqi army is trying to dislodge ISIL terrorist group from its last stronghold in northern Iraq.
“The situation is catastrophic amid famine and lack of food and medicine, which make the city live an unbearable situation,” al-Nujaifi told a party meeting late Sunday.
He said hundreds of thousands of families have heeded government calls for not leaving their homes and the city.
“However, they are now going through an unprecedented predicament,” he lamented.
In October, the Iraqi army — backed by U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and local allies on the ground — began a wide-ranging operation to retake Mosul, ISIL’s last bastion in northern Iraq, which the terrorist group overran in 2014.
According to the Iraqi authorities, 400,000 civilians have been displaced from Mosul’s western part since the start of anti-ISIL operations there in February.
NGOs have warned that Mosul’s civilians are living tough humanitarian conditions as a result of the months-long blockade on the city and the lack of essential services such as electricity.