Capture shop for violating labour rotten dates in blkorn


Blkorn county municipality has been able to adjust the amounts of rotten dates by marketing and distribution markets to sustain in a dissenting village of El Obeid.

In greater detail: blkorn municipality has received a report this morning from a citizen and immediately the mayor by forming a band and go to the site, which turns out to be a yard run by a group of violators of Asian nationalities, filling out the dates and encapsulated with random ways contrary to health regulations and instructions for distribution to commercial markets.

Blkorn County Mayor m. Abdullah Al dalbouh that municipality and when received the communication had raided the warehouse and got arrested (10) they put workers12 astkrat and stickers on boxes of dates, asserting that the municipality will not flinch from the statutory penalties for violators and abusers to regulations and instructions.

Service Manager said municipality Mayor blkorn Mahdi Garni seized a large quantity of dates stored in a bad way and estimated quantity (3000 km), all showing signs of damage, and poor storage and packing, and confiscated and destroyed all and close the site confirming all municipal eagerness not to relent in matters related to the health of citizens.