Canada attends the infrastructure to deploy NATO troops in Latvia

جنود كنديون

I got the equipment and military equipment of the Canadian armed forces into Latvia in preparation for the deployment of a multinational battalion of NATO in this Republic bordering Russia to the West.

Latvia’s Defense Ministry said in a statement issued Saturday that the Canadian military machinery and equipment arrived at the port of Riga, the capital of the Republic, “to support NATO Battalion led by Canada, and is expected to arrive in June of this year in the context of the expansion of the presence of NATO forces.

During the coming days the equipment will be deployed at a military base near the village of Adaji located 21 kilometres from the capital city Riga. “Adaji” largest rules that NATO forces stationed in the Baltic States.

Among the next light armored vehicles equipment (LAV) and logistics and communication systems and building materials.

And about a week ago, a group of Canadian military engineers, composed of 50 people to Latvia for NATO forces headquarters building for 500 soldiers, will be the total number of military alliance in Latvia nearly a thousand people, 455 of them Canadians.

In June/July of last year, NATO leaders decided during the NATO Summit in Warsaw strengthen NATO’s eastern flank and deploy additional brigades comprising 4 four thousand troops in the Baltic States, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are, besides Poland.

Moscow believes that NATO’s eastward expansion toward its borders under the pretext of “Russian threat” the greatest challenges to the security of Russia and breach of oral commitments that NATO would not expand eastward by the United States and European leaders to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev during the negotiations on the reunification of Germany in 1990.