Campus of Amir Qassim Honors Award-winning “Al-Swailem” for scientific excellence balbkirih


His Royal Highness Prince campus sponsored Dr Faisal Ibn meshel Ibn Saud Amir Qassim Princess Abeer Bint Salman Sheikh Mohamed Ali award ceremony bandanna alswilem-Allah’s mercy-for scientific excellence Monday King Abdullah, organized by the cultural Department of guidance and counselling Department of education for the students of bekeriyah in the presence of a conservative campus of bekeriyah Professor Fatima Bint Ali alsikhan and educational Affairs Assistant Professor mounira Bint Abdullah Al Maha Bint Mohamed and Professor alswilem gracious patron and employee education departments Qassim and e-learning schools And supervisors behavioral modification.

Start the party requesting sang her verses commemorating Yahya from Quran memorization and Royal anthem followed by a poem of welcome from the senior military systems and then dumping Hialeah welcome ditty and then Word plugin for Academic Affairs Professor mounira Bint Abdullah Al welcomed Princess Abeer Salman handkerchief in attendance said today is a day of joy and pride; pride and joy than our students achievements in family, school and community and stated that we now enjoy Yes Tatra and celebrate thanks to Allah because of what we experience is safe and secure for us to live in tranquility And stability and that we should be thanking Allah almighty pray for our soldiers stationed on the border homeland Hama Hama stomata, and commended the “slavish” on education and on characterizing the Saudi student worldwide and offered thanks to the Princess, honour her support for Excel as made thanks to Mohamed Ali Foundation, Al-Swailem support and bade him mercy and forgiveness and Director of education Dr Khaled probably always support our students and our students and the guidance and counselling Department for their students ‘ activity section for media and public relations for their successful concert

We commend ensued under the title “for folks meet and distinguished” then the word head coaching and mentoring Professor hind and who welcomed her Royal Highness Princess and the audience she came Sheikh Mohamed Al-Swailem Allah’s mercy and aimed primarily at upgrading our sons and daughters competitiveness in scientific excellence to achieve the desired goal of Allah then enrich the competitive spirit among our sons and daughters to achieve higher positions, followed by the operetta “I ascended glory” after that March programmes offer guidance and counselling Department and then March Achiever and distribute shields and certificates Thanks and gifts.

At the end of the ceremony the Princess expressed her delight in concert, bent to Fondation Sheikh Mohamed Al-Swailem through community outreach, have proved themselves and support for conservation, hailing the concert, which it described as systematic salary because he’s worked it out and produce it; to make it a delight for female students significantly, thanks to the Department of education of bekeriyah these efforts that will raise the level of education in the province, and to institution alswilem this award to society.

Abeer Salman Princess also provided the handkerchief congratulated the parents on their daughters honors and wish everybody good luck.