Bronchial: young people are the source of inspiration and hope makers and supported in the development of the homeland


Tuesday evening ended tomorrow v forum titled “together. We build tomorrow, “in the presence of princes and Ministers and senior officials.

And participated in the Forum, organized by the Association for tomorrow over two days, selected models of creative youth in an open meeting with a number of specialists in the areas of youth in Saudi Arabia, as a number of youth themes going according to Saudi Vision 2030 goals.

The Forum also discussed which was sponsored by the Governor of Riyadh, Prince Faisal bin Bandar bin Abdel Aziz, a comprehensive national study results of Saudi citizen values and cultural identity, and the expected role of Shabab in the transport sector, family education, and sports, in addition to open dialogues between youth and the number of officials in the areas of youth issues.

Tomorrow Forum message came fifth aimed at inspiring thought guys back home that the development achieved by the development of Saudi Islamic Arabic values in our identity and course of life, values, and indicators of success stories that will be addressed through the Forum sessions.

Trade and Industry Minister, Dr Majid Ibn Abdullah Al-kasabi, that young people are the source of inspiration, and the makers hope, keystone in the development of the motherland, and that Shabab awaits them a promising future in light of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Bronchial said during his participation in a session “youth dialogue” during tomorrow’s Forum v, which concluded its activities Tuesday in the courtroom where your dreams come true in Riyadh: the Saudi youth optimism and readiness, youth must seek and they start their businesses and realize investment opportunities. We must break the AWE fear and failure.

Noted during the hearing conducted by the mudaifer, Abdullah information involving Governor for small and medium enterprises, Ghassan Suleiman Saudi guy can extract file work, Zakat and issuing insurance commercial register electronically.

Then held a hearing entitled “family”, moderated by the Chancellor in the education program for the deaf and hard of hearing at King Saud University, Dr Badr bin Nasser Al-Qahtani. The Princess said congratulations bin Abdulaziz bin Abdul Mohsin bin iKey, specializing in early intervention for deaf and hard-of-hearing children in preschool, when meeting the parents face injuring a disabled child audio take psychological processes, tend to prevent parents from realizing things may cause them pain; Wimmer parents experience, different emotions and feelings about the thing of their child, so the emotional weather changes within the family, and Joe was something of a disappointment at the birth of a child with disability or deficiency in a His senses. Here are located the parents in initial reactions, manifested visible after diagnosing the child. And at this point be fathers and mothers in the mixed reactions, some researchers identified seven stages: denial, shock and grief and sadness, anger and guilt and the feeling of depression and acceptance. Hence the importance of early intervention to provide guidelines for parents, whether educational, social or medical or psychological, family-centred early intervention; provide guidance and training, and it cost him a major role in the implementation of remedial actions, the family needs assistance in these stages; to not take hold they have non-constructive upbringing patterns; the consequent huge psychological difficulties later.

The specialist confirmed the captives and author Dr Sultan Al othaim, a country invests in human walking in the correct time and place, at the right time. Stressing the importance of financial intelligence, and how the family savings and budgeting to live a balanced life between family expenses and expenditures, because this time we cannot live with the mentality (cash in the Pocket comes in the unseen); we cannot live with this culture. This is a very serious issue, so it is important to work in budget savings idea.

Custom spoke in early childhood, Dr Sarah Abdulkarim, about motherhood and the first years of parenting.

Then he spoke of Dr Tariq Al-rayes, a specialist in upbringing and education of the deaf and hard of hearing, about giving the opportunity for our deaf and hard of hearing, and they are able to get what they aspire to complete graduate and continue their education.

During the Forum sessions, Professor khalofa monthly, and is the first Saudi deaf completes his studies, his life was tough, he was between two choices, life or death, and put your trust in Allah, and chose life, taking on (the way of the future is difficult, and not a bed of roses and flowers, but sometimes the road strewn with thorns).

He initially moved from the arms of his family warm to a world of strangeness at the Institute of deaf hope, is like a shelter, despite his young age, but its impact on others. Noting that “everybody knows that adults face difficulties abroad, let alone children. The continued alienation throughout the three phases, which are elementary, middle and high school at the Institute of deaf hope. ” He studied and lived with his lovers deaf and hard of hearing, but humble and modest draft education and study material is weak, then go to graduate with both audiences in teaching different from learning in the past in terms of the quality of education and its development, but the environment was different.

He added: so I had difficulties in life, influenced, but I tried hard to overcome avoiding negatives and interact with pros, and struggle, perseverance, determination and tenacity. Each bears a heavy effort will traverse every difficulty, and in the final by easily. And everyone of us has dreams and wishes, I have two dreams, thanks Allah-the Almighty-the first dream, I got my Masters degree from King Saud University, and remained a dream, second, I got my PhD; to