British company cancel flights to Sydney until 2020


Each home-rebounds: British independent newspaper, that Thomas Cook, one of the largest British tour operators decided to cancel all scheduled flights to the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh until 2020. The newspaper pointed out that the company follow along with four other travel companies, the principle of “rolling cancellation” for flights to Singapore over the past 18 months, meaning that the company put its flights for sale hoping to lift travel ban United Kingdom of Egypt, and then cancel it when the ban remains.

She added that, although the German and Italian airlines and flights to and from Belgium to Sharm el-Sheikh, “Thomas Cook” was not the same and announced cancellation of all flights to the main resort in Egypt until the British ban.

The company said that it had commenced its maiden flight to Egypt in 1959, said in a statement: “we delete Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt from itineraries and our vacations in 2017-2018 winter and summer 2018-2019.

The statement continued: “the Commonwealth and British Foreign Office still warns against travel to Sharm el-Sheikh, we have no plans to reopen the resort program while flying United Kingdom this warning.”

And: “the weekly five trips planned in the current winter season was canceled.

The paper said that British authorities banned travel to Sharm el Sheikh came five days after the accident, Russian aircraft that exploded in the atmosphere of Sinai in the thirty first of October 2015 just minutes after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheikh towards San betarsbrh, then killed all aboard the 224.

The paper said that despite spending tens of millions of pounds on improving Egyptian airports, but the British Government is still not satisfied with the security measures that are taken there.