Britain: sulfuric acid attack from a radical Muslim student’s face distorts one relatives


(Agencies): a Pakistani citizen one relative to burning with acid sulfuric acid in Beckton, East London, after they were attacked by one of the haters, extremists of Muslims. And the attack in Pakistan face deformation requesting risham Khan University of Manchester, which was just starting a career in modeling and was getting ready to celebrate the 21st birthday, and her cousin Mokhtar also sweet. According to British newspaper the mirror, the incident occurred when stopped risham and her cousin when traffic signal, apparently anonymous approached watch with his car, spraying scalding acid from her window open. And cause the acid burned her face and shot her and mutilated her eyes privately, and had her cousin to run on the highway “Porsche water on their faces and burning 45 minutes, all undressed without any ambulances rushed to the hospital.” One association in Britain collecting donations in the past two days amounted to £ 28, 000, approximately 36 thousand dollars, to assist risham and 37-year-old relative and distorted acid also face and burning thighs and back.