Boko Haram leader denies being wounded in an air raid in Nigeria


AP-Abu Bakr appeared complainant jihadist group Boko Haram leader Thursday in a video denying being injured in a bombing in northeastern Nigeria and Nigerian security sources confirmed Wednesday that the complaint was injured in April 28 April when Nigerian fighter jets fired missiles at fighters gathered in Bala village community located on the edge of sambiza forest, one Islamist hideouts. in 14 minute video put online Thursday, the complaint said he is not aware of this incident, stressing It didn’t hurt and none of his aides, said the complaint who appeared wearing a camouflage uniform and carrying a machine gun attack dog “I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.” “I’m alive and didn’t kill any one of mine. I didn’t even know that the incident you are talking about occurred. “and continued in the Arabic-language video recording and Hausa” surprised at what is you claim I treating of wounds infected by the “Nigerian army spokesman Sani Usman said he had information that” a number of key terrorist leaders (lboko Haram) were wounded or killed, without complaint, specifically, a source close to the rebels told AFPThe complaint Wednesday escaped at the last moment of death, but a rocket injured while heading to the mosque for prayers, said this source, commenting on the video recording “it’s propaganda,” adding that “the complaint was wounded in the back and moved to the kolovata area, near the border with Cameroon.” he is not complaining that we see in other recordings. He does not enjoy the same power. “the Nigerian authorities announced at the last she killed complaint three times.