Bogdanov confirms negotiations with Egypt about providing helicopters for “Mistral”


Bogdanov, said Tuesday, answering reporters question whether Egypt has indicated its interest to buy Russian helicopters supplied Egyptian helicopter carrier Mistral, “said:” contacts in this regard the relevant channel (on both sides).

He was the General Manager of company “Russia helicopters” (Russian virtolioti), Andre boghinski, had previously announced that the decision on selling Egypt Russian helicopters could be taken before the end of May.

The Cairo went in October of year 2016, a request to Russia to provide helicopters Ka-52 k “(crocodile) for use in an Egyptian helicopter carrier Mistral.

And helicopter Ka-52 k “is a helicopter gunship with two of the new generation, is an upgraded version of the Ka-50 helicopter” (black shark) pitcher, used to destroy ground targets and slow air targets, as well as perform reconnaissance, command set of choppers.