A blow against corruption in «Viva»


Received a campaign against corruption in FIFA «Viva», THUMP, today, following the decision of the Council of
) In Manama, prominent officials excluded values Committee Chairman
Union (formerly Executive Committee
The interrogation room at the Swiss independent Commission borbili and the President of Cornell judicial Hans room
Joachim Eckert.
Waikrt borbili who had each completed a four-year term, key drivers behind investigations into
Corruption scandals that rocked the Organization since the year 2015, and sanctions that resulted, particularly off the former President
For «Viva» Sepp Blatter and former President of UEFA Michel Platini.
But the Council «Viva» after meeting Colombian replacement recommended Maria Claudia Rojas and Greek Vasileios
Skouris bborbili waikrt. The dismissed officials contended the move «an end to reform efforts in the Union.
Borbili questioned the fate of «hundreds of cases» which Committee, under corruption scandals plaguing
Is the end of the reform process, the Committee is the key
In Union. He said that «exclusion means something
FIFA reforms».
And International Union sources suggests that one of the reasons for non-renewal laikrt weborbili, is a strained relationship
Collected between Swiss head new Viva Gianni anvantino and values Committee opened an investigation
On some practice before his election last year.
Recommend replacing borbili waikrt, the Council decided to «Viva» increased adoption of finalists to
And far away
World Cup Championship beginning 48 2026. as open stand for hosting this tournament.