The blonde University inaugurates clinic University City


The blonde University launched Dr Awad bin khozaim Siva Monday 20/7/1438 e medical clinic in town blonde County, serving ambulatory therapeutic and to employees of the University by a specialized medical team of faculty and students in the Faculty of medicine and Faculty of applied medical sciences and the Faculty of pharmacy of the University.

The Rector told that this clinic is the first breakthrough for medical services at the University, founded this clinic will be able to provide basic medical care for all employees of the University.
He said: we are in the next phase to expand the clinic and what kind of programs as for all medical specialties, in addition to ensure coverage of all University facilities in nine provinces.
Scott confirmed that this clinic is the nucleus of the University Hospital project which will be extended to cover medical services all provinces and centers within the academic supervision of the University.

He said that the clinic includes specialized medical cadre based on primary care doctors, pharmacists and nurses from the employees of the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and applied medical sciences, the University also provided ambulance equipped to transport emergency medical cases.