Bill Clinton returns to the White House. Novelist


Former us President Bill Clinton returns to the White House, next year, as a novelist, Dara revealed
Publishing today.
Dara said «Knopf Doubleday» and «hacht Facebook» for publication in a statement that the former us President is working with writer
James Paterson writing a novel entitled «so President Street Fizz missing» (missing).
The statement, carried by the agency «Reuters», that the novel will be published in June (June) 2018.
The companies said that the book would be “unique combination of intrigue and suspense and drama managed world
Behind the scenes at the highest levels of power.
T Paterson in years, and he enjoys working with him. He said in a statement that
In turn, the former President said that s
«Work on writing a book about President remains in power, based on what I know about work and life
The White House and how Washington works, carries a lot
For his part, Paterson, who is renowned for his novels the motivation, working with Clinton nemesis thing in his career.
And see the profound President Clinton allowed me to tell a story.
In a statement, he said: «I tell stories.

Clinton has several books, including fiction, including his autobiography «my life» issued in 2004.
As his wife Hillary’s life will be the subject of a novel contracted to write Curtis Sittenfeld with publishing
«Random House».