Beware. Chest pain cardiac risk index


A recent study in Britain that most of # complain to their doctors of chest pain for the first time don’t get additional diagnostic tests to determine the cause.
Researchers say that as doctors # signal danger to this # pain even if not associated with heart-related causes, these people have greater odds of heart attacks and heart problems over the next five years for the first complaint of this pain.
Dr Peter Croft, one of the study’s researchers to Reuters Health via email “we were surprised that most of they consult their doctor about chest pain is unclear why they remained undiagnosed for six months.”
Croft added is a Research Institute for primary care and health sciences at the University of Kiel in Staffordshire “followed this group for up to five years and came to the conclusion that they have small but uncertain prospects for cardiovascular disease compared to a group got definite diagnosis has nothing to do with heart disease.”
He noted that five people out of every hundred of the group that did not cause chest pain which were known heart issues over the next five years, compared to three out of 100 in the group that determines that the cause is not related to heart health.
Croft said that patients can rest assured though that because # study also concluded that they consult their physicians about #ألم_الصدر got a good evaluation in General about who is most likely to develop heart disease.
“If a general practitioner doctor decided that the chest pain was not due to a bug in the heart but for other reasons such as stomach problems or muscle strain or inflammation of the chest, the risk of future heart problems in that group less” over five years.
And the study analysed electronic health database records in Britain for more than 170 thousand grave did not have a history of heart disease patients and their doctors complained of chest pain for the first time between 2002 and 2009. And patients aged between 18 and 75 years and over half of them were under the age of 49 years.
The study team said in the journal (the BMW j) that 72 percent of patients did not specify their doctors because of chest pain with 23 percent received a diagnosis that is unrelated to heart disease in someone who chest pain at 5% as #ذبحة_صدرية.
And less than 12 percent of the patients who suffered from an unknown cause pain in the chest for additional diagnostic tests.
After a while I reached up five and a half years was infected patients who did not receive the definite diagnosis for chest pain a heart attack 36% higher compared to obtaining a diagnosis wasn’t about heart disease.
Dr Tim Holt, a researcher at the medical science Department at Oxford University, wrote an article for comment on the study that chest pain is showing he could be dangerous and therefore on him to find out why and if accompanied with other symptoms may be an emergency requiring a remedy without delay