Beware. 5 things you use everyday are a hotbed of diseases!

Close-up of female hand pushing button of elevator

Arabic. ntkodima press and media was a joke by the horror late musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab bye infection infection and exposure to germs, but Roy, some close to him that he was a SOAP wash with SOAP as exaggeration in his eagerness overload that amounted to a “paranoia”. the same State of obsessive compulsive disorder, that we should bear the world star Jack Nicholson, in a brilliant Hollywood “As Good As It Gets” in 1997 and then won the Oscar for best actor for the character of Melvin Udall, a writer author with obsessive compulsive disorder, and later, all heard The horror stories about how many germs hiding in the folds of your keyboard and mobile phone screens. Not required to get OCD, but a little diligence and accuracy will also be favorable, as the newspaper “daily mail” of the British science magazine “, published in New York, in the monitoring of the five most polluted surfaces with germs that we deal with daily, may raise your surprise. surprisingly, ballmsman screens the toilet seats are some of the cleanest places that might touch it every day, because people are doing their best in cleanWe regularly, whether we go shopping food or use the cards at the ATM, we use now in our everyday more and more touch screen. Although the screens are subject to cleaning at the end of the day, but it seems they are not cleansed properly or enough need. this information certainly will push you to think more than once before you put your hands on anything next time after using one of these screens, because 50% of those screens be contaminated with secretions, according to the magazine Science of ACE. “button ground floor balmsadan uses theElevator daily needs to press this button, access to the ground floor and out of the building. the Special Science magazine says of “the para-influenza, a virus causes symptoms similar to cold symptoms, usually spread throughout this button. astamalhaonhn recycled bags now being encouraged to reuse shopping bags, the same ones that could actually be the biggest carrier of germs, people seldom recognizeN clean, although they usually put in raw food which they bring from supermarkets. OV magazine science says “, that 99% of the bags carry bacteria like coliform” and e. coli. “alidhenak towels many people don’t wash their hands properly, and then any bacteria stuck transmitted to those towels. As the bacteria grow in moist places, hand towels represent the right environment for growth of more germs. So the magazine advises that wash towels every two days. alkhohvi receptacles handles most of the cases, when the staff arrives to work in the morning, the first thing to go is the coffee pots to get their first dose of caffeine, to rouse themselves. This means that everything you touch their hands before they get to work, such as public transportation and rail handles and lift buttons moves to the handle of the coffee pot and says “Science of people” that 50% of coffee containing receptacles handles coliform bacteria coliform “,” a mo’sharali discharge. So when you wash the coffee pots to make sure good handles, as well as cleaning edges, you may not realize as much as germs that lurk there.