For better health. 9 amazing popular treatments


Many people resort to popular recipes to treat a number of diseases, such as # ways oral legacy # generations.
Each country in the world a collection of strange folk remedies _ # interdependent # disease prevention over treatment.
Here below is # 10 recipes for popular enjoyment b # health _ better, according to the site “boldskai” on health:
1. the onion for breathing problems
Onion helps expand the bronchial tubes, and put the rings of onion on the chest also helps those suffering from shortness of breath, people.
2. yogurt with honey to prevent hay fever
It also prevents eating yogurt with honey, hay fever or allergic nasal inflammation, especially if you keep eating it before the pollen season.
3. Green tea to protect arteries
Green tea prevents accumulation of fat in the arteries, so used to prevent cardiovascular disease, as well as its role in weight loss by curbing appetite.
4. fish to cure headaches
And exotic folk remedies and in a number of countries of the world, eating fish for prevention and treatment of headache, add this to the belief that eating fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel helps get rid of arthritis.
5. honey to relax
It also advises that a popular recipes to eat one spoon of honey white when you feeling restless, calm the nerves naturally and effectively helps to sleep well.
6. raw nuts to enhance memory
As raw nuts and pumpkin seeds to enhance memory, because they are rich in zinc.
7. cranberries to expel bacterial infection
Cranberry is resistant to bacterial infection, especially cystitis, so it is recommended to be taken down.
8. pineapple for bones
And enjoy the strong bones and prevent osteoporosis with aging recommended eating pineapples regularly.
9. bananas for the stomach
If I upset you any stomach pain you should eat bananas, it helps calm the stomach cramps.