What is the best means to recharge the phone battery?


We can’t life without mobile phones, mobile phones cannot life without batteries, so what better way to recharge the batteries? Give Nick guy, prominent writer site «Wirecutter» belonging to the New York Times newspaper and on assessments of hardware and electronics, devices, chargers, we got some useful answers.
* Charger options
* When type «wall charger» website «Amazon» get 32.819 search result. How do I choose the best among them?
-The sheer number of choices seem confusing. But it’s not so bad when you know what to look for. The best options for wall charger is «power port 4 (PowerPort4)» from «denies», where the 4 ports «USB», each of which provides 2.4 amp.
Most of the devices that we don’t need more cargo capacity, therefore, that the charger is charging the most high speed devices, including mobile phones and tablets. The exceptions are in modern devices compatible with the techniques of «USB-CP de» and «Qualcomm Kwik charge», but these techniques are commonly used in the meantime.
* I have my charger with me everywhere. Can I drive in my Pocket? And you will increase the weight of the bag that I carry?
-Easy to carry the charger «power port 4» in the bag, but large size when carried in a pocket. I am the best wall charger Dual USB Wall Charger Travel «» of «double» any custom Cleaver for travel purposes. A charger of implementers only, but a small size does not exceed an inch and a half an inch, so it is tight and easy to carry.

* Public Chargers in cars
* I read recently that public charging stations can be dangerous to use because they may copy data from devices. Is that correct?
-I don’t see that this is a cause for concern. But yes, definitely possible to convey information to people or from your computer over port charging «USB». And having your charger eliminates these concerns, because this information cannot pass through a single power outlet.
You also get a bonus ship many devices at the same time without being that person at the airport, which occupies all general cargo ports.
* Like it. What kind of car chargers do you prefer?
-The preferred option is «power drive 2 (PowerDrive2)» from «denies», where the two freight ports 2.4 power amp, and the price does not exceed $10. There is also a reasonable number of good Chargers at a price close to that, but we prefer this product because of the security company for 18 months on the product and the small light on the charger that allows you to continue charging all the time.
* You prefer many of company «denies»; what about «Amazon basics» or «monobrays»?
-Company «denies» does a great job over the last few years through strong products are well designed and affordable price.
«Tend Amazon basics» or «monobrays» to produce good products and not expensive, but when it comes to cables, there are many products offered in markets that infect buyers with much perplexity. We used to recommend using cables with «monobrays», but models are changing at high speed, it may require that you purchase a cable days, then see completely different design at the store the next day.
* Do you have a tip on the cable that connects to your charger?
-Yes! And again, we prefer products «deny», «cables and power line laitnnigh» and also «micro USB cables, strong and low price, come in many different colors and lengths, there are also good insurance.
Anyone who has suffered with cables will tend to change the product immediately without thinking.
* I use a product «sogharo» to overcome this problem.
-I’ve seen much of it, and a lot of people who leave open cable exposed to various weather conditions. And relieve stress-at the point where the cable with plug-in these cables are stronger than other products. Says company «deny that their products bear till 5000 bow.
* Test the charger
* How do you test a charger?
-All clear Chargers tests. We deliver electricity to the charger and charging at high speed, or rarely stops charging. There is no sparks or smoke at all. And keep in mind each and charger ports places overall design in mind as well. And it’s not supposed to be a good charger design and enough is enough. But why not have the charger carefully in terms of performance and beautiful design?
* What’s the weirdest Chargers that you saw?
-There are a few smart Chargers in cars that are shipping units at the end of a long cable, so it can reach the back seat of the car to charge the appliance. I don’t have kids, but I imagine that it will be extremely useful when watching videos or playing while driving the car.

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