On behalf of Prince cel cel University sponsors the springboard


Under the patronage of HRH Prince Fahd bin Badr bin Abdul Aziz hollow scientific conference began in the science of surfaces and its applications, and who shared by many researchers and researchers from various regions of the Kingdom.

Where he participated in this Conference 41 researchers and researcher from seven different universities plus one share of SABIC, 19 share take orally and 22 scientifically sticker was competent scientific committees through its arbitration.

Then followed by the word Prof star Husseini, Vice President for graduate studies and research where he said, “it is a privilege to hold this Conference in our University Faculty of science in the science of surfaces and the age of this flag for 10 years and this shows the eagerness of the University to keep pace with scientific developments being built over 13 Conference within three years at a rate of 4 conferences per year included : Arabic language and Sharia, education, medicine and dentistry, science, history and geography in addition to host societies.

Commenting on the role of the University in support of scientific research said: “not only to support scientific research on the conferences had established an annual forum for researchers and secure sources of information and support research projects and excellence.”

Lastly, thanks to the monarch and Crown Prince Crown Prince of the region to support research and the Minister of education’s approval of setting up conferences and Rector at his eagerness and full support for scientific research and for participants.

Followed by a word of Prof Abd Allah Mohamed Ali welcomed attendees and mention that this forum kicks off with great hopes and aspirations are in line with the hopes and aspirations of Saudi Arabia’s leadership, support and supervision of the Minister of education in the service of various scientific issues and contributes to significant interactions in all areas of competence.

The world today is undergoing unprecedented stage in science and technology has created opportunities for communication and integration between scientists, specialists and made them with unprecedented information resources and material support and this opportunity gives researchers and researchers a unique opportunity to carry out scientific research lead to important discoveries contribute to solving the problems of our society and move towards a better life.

In conclusion, he thanked the Organizing Committee for their efforts and good organizing this event in the end of the ceremony, the sponsors were honored and those that helped support the Conference. After that, the Rector and distinguished company inspected posters (poster) before the scene of the Faculty of science, the participants discussed the posters in the outputs of that research. The ceremony saw the presence of many directors and officials of government departments in the region.