To battle the alrkhtrmb allows arming the Kurds in preparation


To battle the President approved of tenderness, Donald Trump, today, to provide Kurdish fighters who prelude
Facing the organization {ISIS} in Syria, with weapons including automatic rifles, ammunition and armored vehicles,
The Pentagon today.
A us official said on condition of anonymity, that funding «support for (people protection units), (Kurdish)
Passed». French press agency quoted as saying that this approval «apply with immediate effect, but select
Timetable for the handover of arms still requires finalization.
Arming Kurds controversial issue dramatically for Trump, this step is sure to excite
Exasperated Turkey which is «» protection units.
The administrator did not specify what kind of weapons will be provided, which will be used in the next battle
To restore the tenderness, bastion «ISIS».
On the other hand, feared opponents from wrapping the political transition in the Geneva negotiations that have received
Negotiating authority to participate in the new round next Tuesday without specifying the agenda,
According to spokesman mondher makhos. Makhos explained to «Middle»: «is supposed to start
The negotiations in terms of previous round ended and specifically about political transition which we first and foremost».