Baha rain exposes poor draft torrents

< The rains uncovered patio area the day before yesterday (Sunday) poor drainage projects, exciting many questions among the people of the region about services and projects that have millions of rials and never seen the light of day. The Secretariat confirmed that the situation in the region «reassuring and under control and no cause for concern. Courtyard and saw its cities and villages «MAS portend disaster» by parents, who wondered about services missing entirely «» why rainwater drainage projects have not been implemented despite its monitoring of millions of riyals? People called b «committees of inquiry and punish negligent withholding and non-implementation of projects approved, stressing that trapped their vehicles destroyed, torrents for lack of drainage, appealing to expedite in finding solutions to their crisis suffered long. In turn, the official spokesman for civil defense in the Colonel matsuyamakenichi that resulted from these rains sheltering a family of seven people, and directed 20 vehicles inside people from inside the water pools, and directed three students with bus return to Baha University preparatory year mother, Unforgiven, Valley Stream Valley dam is full almold prepare spillway, raided five houses, and torrents of water withdrawal of field teams of civil defense, and some petitions in some locations and power were separated from the electric company, and fall three vehicles Inside the pits and was reformatted, some commercial sites torrents RAID and power were separated from her in order to ensure the safety of lives and property, pulling and drained from streets of honesty, cleaning of roads and restoration of road management maintenance companies in the region. He didn’t record for Allah praise any injuries or deaths.
For his part, the Secretary said the yard on Clifford to large amounts of rainfall in the area, and caused the partial closure of portions of some roads and streets and intersections and critical sites, pointing to the emergency teams to deal with rain case from the beginning, through the mobilization of 12 officials of the Secretariat, and hire more than 150 workers and supervisors and 10 large tanks and 13 other mechanisms Chiola, worked on stagnant water suction and displaced and open roads and streets closed and remove dust and rocks and sand avalanches jammed in Several sites are open all blocked roads in the city and will continue to work to clean and remove dirt plankton. Clifford confirmed that confine all critical sites and affected during rainfall, to find appropriate engineering solutions of the future Secretariat specialists in emergency communications Office received 73 communication of citizens, passed to field teams that dealt with cases and dealt with.
The leadership of the Secretariat, field trips to affected sites to follow the workflow, and assured the Secretary General situation yard under control and no cause for concern, adding that if the north side and Unforgiven Valley South side «reassuring and attributed low, flowing water in full flow unimpeded and pour in filling almeld without remember problems».

Prince: providing all the capabilities to preserve life and property

< Continued Prince Hussam Ibn Saud patio area, course, and rain Director of civil defense in the area, Brigadier Ahmed aldlioi b «harness human potential and all the machinery to serve citizens and residents to maintain the safety of life and property. He said the General Manager of media and public relations of the Principality of Emir Ahmad Khader area patio Chair Committee members stressed the implementation of the General plan to counter the damage of rain and floods, adding: «also underscored the region’s secretariat, Directorate of civil defense, roads, traffic, perform a full scan of all roads in the area, as well as routes to the private sector “to ensure her safety.