Azzam Tamimi: “حماس″ movement organizations won’t hurt her change of command


Anatolia-researcher and academic Azzam Tamimi, the election of Ismail Haniyeh to lead the Islamic resistance movement (Hamas), replacing Khaled Mashal, won’t hurt political path, both domestically and internationally, that politics in “حماس″ manufactured by” institutions “and” not an individual lead at the top of the pyramid. “beat Haniyeh, born 1963, led by political Bureau to” حماس″, successor to the bonfire, Sunday, through elections in the Palestinian territories On and off simultaneously, by television link system (video conferencing) and Al-Tamimi, a Palestinian British, in an interview with Anatolia, that Hamas since its inception and is working through institutions, and its leaders who operate across the shorih process are almost rare among contemporary Islamic movements. “However, by saying:” there is no doubt that brother Khaled Meshaal got out after nearly two years at the head of the movement, might encourage some parties pMy pulse and testing the waters, but eventually Hamas policy parts are manufactured not by an individual at the top of the pyramid, but the movement’s institutions “. * algdidobanwan” Charter document on principles and policies “حماس″”, announced early this month, the new political document, which sought to gain acceptance and regional and international dimensions of terrorism, where the United States and Israel considers the EU “A terrorist movement,” while saying “حماس″ as a resistance to Israeli occupation.” حماس″ aimed to capture the first Charter items, issued in 1988, after its Foundation, clearly indicate it’s wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the wings do not differentiate between Pan Jews as followers of “revealed religion” among Jews occupiers of Palestine. This document, according to Tamimi, author of “.”. Chapters didn’t write “(Hamas Unwritten Chapter),” came after years of controversy within the movement around the old Charter, which was published in August (August) 1988 ″. “she demands of many members and supporters of the movement focused on the need to repeal the old Charter Declaration, coming out on the new Charter public opinion gets rid of many errors that marred the old Charter”. “what new political document much corrected nibble CharterOld, was constantly in motion picture distortion of public opinion and a weapon in the hands of its enemies, because the contents of anti-Semitism and adopting the conspiratorial analysis of history, in explaining the nature of the conflict on a false document, is the protocols of the elders of Zion, and used the language predominantly emotional religious rather than political المركز″. * * davwan points saw Tamimi, born in Hebron, Palestine, in 1955, to document theNew to the movement “is an important achievement,” but said they “are not without weaknesses and contradiction, especially regarding article 20, which speaks to accept Hamas (Palestinian) State on June 4 lines (June 1967).” and about the drawbacks of the new document, replied “not explicitly repeal the old Charter, nor indicate its errors, although grade by affirming that the conflict in its origin is not with the Jews a writerEven the Jewish religion, but with the Zionist occupiers whose invasion of Palestine, lost her parents wrongfully. “* not tnazalobshan ensures new charter agreement” حماس″ on the establishment of a Palestinian State on the 1967 borders, “this is some intention is a concession for the transaction. Do you think the item is sealed for long movement? Or is it sort of happened? “. He “should not be viewed as text (approving the establishment of a Palestinian State on the borders of the 67) that waiver of movement principles or positions, the document emphasizes repeatedly that Hamas refuses to recognize the Zionist entity, and does not represent any waiver of any piece of Palestine and upholding the right of return for all of the displaced in the Nakba (1948) and setback (1967).” was “I certainly came to this position in paragraph number 20 herself, hence the bugs and contradiction, and I think the Hamas leadership wanted by express willingness to accept State in the June 4 lines, practicing the kind of political pragmatism, saying that such a State if achieved de facto, accept it and deal with it without compromising their principles and positions.” he continued: “perhaps that position is intended to send a message toCertain regional and international parties in the era of the darkest periods in the area and movement. “said Timimi:” I personally wish I didn’t want to talk in the new political document at all about the Palestinian State; fights a battle long editing and may not talk about State bye specifications, particularly the Palestine Liberation Organization and the movement (Fatah) open deviated from the struggle, since about ten points, whichPalestinian State on any part of Palestine is freed one of their targets. “* the motion and on priorities likely scenario for حماس″ movement during the next period in the light of data by region, Tamimi felt that” nothing on the horizon to indicate important shifts. “he,” as long as the situation continues as it is, will be the priorities of Hamas in that assumption is the same priorities in the previous phase, which is the same in the Gaza Strip is enabled (run since 2007), and prepare for any possible clashes with the Zionist entity and try to open Some closed doors in international relations, especially with countries in the region. “