The Azerbaijani army: we destroyed Armenian airline antagonists


The Azerbaijani Defence Ministry said Armenian defense platforms destroyed air-proof in Karabakh disputed between the two countries 25 years ago when they were under the Soviet Union republics.

Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov: “destruction of such systems in the khovagnd visoli got on the front line in order to eliminate the threat posed by these platforms on Azerbaijani aviation”

The Defense Minister told the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic of Armenia-backed, Azerbaijani army “damaged” military equipment and supplies, but without casualties, noting that “a provocation of the Azerbaijani forces will not remain unanswered.”

These battles on the seam between two sides replenished every now and then and most recently in February clashes resulted in the killing of a large number of Azerbaijani soldiers, artillery duels also took place between them in April 2016 from fall of 110 military and civilian personnel on both banks of the seam line between the region and Azerbaijan, Russia’s mediation led to a ceasefire agreement signed during days in Moscow between conflicting parties only to the Convention did not stop the skirmishes on the border Once and for all.