Atificial womb experience success on young lambs. May be adopted by hospitals?


Scientists have succeeded in developing and testing an artificial womb able to protect small lambs born early, for up to 4 weeks. It is likely that this contributes to reducing the risk of premature births in humans.

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And put the young lambs born in the equivalent period of the week 23 of pregnancy, in a transparent pot works as an artificial womb, for up to 4 weeks after premature birth.

And a team of doctors and scientists led by, now Blake, is a surgeon at children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, this research, which was published in the journal Nature.

Flick said: “if we can support Member growth for just a few weeks, we can improve our processes to protect premature babies.”

Device consists of ‘ biobag ‘ developer of 3 main parts: arteriovenous circle circuit, to keep the blood flow when the fetus, where depends on the baby’s heart to do work. The closed, closed, sterile environment of dark fluid, which protects the skin system from infections and damage.

In addition to unique artificial system, vascular access and simulate a variety of functions performed by the cord.

Researchers have developed an artificial environment full of fluid, natural and uterine placental functions mimic, which provides oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, while putting waste to get rid of toxins.

While it is premature to develop such technology to replace a mother’s womb, or be an alternative, doctors believe that artificial wombs could be a lifesaver for life of babies who were born in the period between the 23rd and 28th week of pregnancy.

According to the researchers, premature births can be responsible for more than a third of infant deaths, and 50% of all cases of cerebral palsy.

Flick is expected to begin human clinical trials in the next three years, after obtaining the approval of the food and Drug Administration الامیركيه.